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Element offers one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of traceable and accredited calibration services through our Metech laboratory in Europe and our Ang Mo Kio laboratory in Singapore. We help our customers make certain that measuring operations are quality compliant by using thoroughly calibrated equipment.

We offer a single point of contact for all instrument calibration and administration needs with the aim to maximize instrument access and production uptime. Our calibration capabilities cover electrical instruments, dimensional measuring tools, gauges, and transducers in a wide range of disciplines, serving customers in many different sectors


Calibration services from Element Metech

Element Metech is a leading, independent full-service provider of calibration services, validation services, dimensional inspections, and metrology consultancy. With over 70 years in the business, we provide one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of calibration services in Europe. We operate 20 European calibration laboratories plus mobile calibration laboratories and perform calibrations on-site to meet our customers’ needs for flexibility with minimum production disruptions.

Element Metech offers a wide range of calibration services including:

Calibration management software

Metech Instrument Organizer (MIO) is our user-friendly online tool to help you keep track of calibration status, instrument history, and calibration certificates. Secure, ISO/IEC 17025 compliant, and audit-ready. Through MIO you can also book and order calibration.

Measuring assignments

We offer the provision of accurate measurement data by measuring fixtures, reference samples, and first article inspections for production control and validation by coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and optical measuring equipment.

With focus on high quality and precision, we serve customers in a variety of sectors, including Aerospace, Defence, Transportation, Energy, Industrials and Life Sciences.

Metrological expertise

Our Engaged Experts deliver consultancy services ranging from technical evaluations, uncertainty calculations, requirement specifications, and measuring instructions, to on-site calibrations and instrument stock administration.

Our dimensional measurement services include:

  Visit the Element Metech website for more information about our calibration services in Europe. 


Calibration services from Element Singapore

Element's Singapore laboratory in Ang Mo Kio offers a wide range of calibration services including calibration of temperature, humidity and electrical parameters, as well as:

Pressure Measurement

  • Calibration and measurement of up to 16,000psi and 0.9bar for vacuum calibration.
  • Measuring devices employed include gauges, transducers and recorders.

Radiation Calibration (Non-accredited)

  • DMC 3000
  • SOR Dosimeters
  • Torque Measurement
  • Calibration and measurement of up to 2500Nm and cable-tension meter up to 300lbf.


Calibration and verification of all types of measuring instruments and tools :
  • Fixtures and jigs
  • Micrometers, calipers, depth and height gauges
  • Displacement sensors, dials, electrical gauge and thickness gauges
  • Plug and ring gauges (thread and go-no-go gauges)
  • Feeler gauges, vee blocks, engineer’s parallel/square, straight edge, film thickness gauges, test sieves, spirit level, clinometers / digital protractors, bore gauges, measuring tape, steel rule, glass scales, radius gauges, electronic comparators, and checkers
  • CMM dimension measurement services

Force Measurement

Verification of force measuring devices such as load cells, proving rings and durometers.


ISO/IEC 17025 Consultancy for Calibration laboratories

We also offer ISO/IEC 17025 consultancy for calibration laboratories, via our Sungei Kadut Loop (Singapore) and Johor (Malaysia) teams. ISO/IEC 17025 specifies two requirements to demonstrate the competency of testing and calibration laboratories’ management and technical requirements. Management requirements are related to the operation and effectiveness of the quality management system within the laboratory, and this clause has similar requirements to ISO 9001.Technical requirements address the competence of staff; testing methodology; equipment and quality; and reporting of test and calibration results.

Through our extensive direct involvement in the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation under SAC-SINGLAS, our experts can guide you through the accreditation process, from developing a quality manual and conducting an internal audit to providing guidance on your equipment calibration program - giving you confidence to apply for the SINGLAS accreditation and implement it.

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