Elevate your development projects with our comprehensive 原型设计和开发服务. 专门从事流体系统相关设备, our team guides you from concept through design to functional testing, 确保每一步都以创新和效率为标志. Experience the precision and compliance with the toughest industry standards that our solutions provide.



原型设计 and 发展 involves creating preliminary models of fluid-system related equipment to test and refine functionality before mass production. 在数字工程, this service is tailored to design and develop prototypes for a wide array of products including pumps, 阀门, 传感器, 以及用于液体和气体介质的执行器. Our process spans from initial concept creation through detailed design to functional testing, ensuring each prototype adheres to stringent industry standards. By focusing on precision engineering and optimal fluid handling, we provide custom solutions that address your specific operational and environmental challenges, ensuring your prototypes enhance system efficiency and reliability.


Benefits of 原型设计 and 发展 with 数字工程

  • 提高精度: We leverage state-of-the-art design techniques and collaborate with partners specializing in 3 d打印技术, 三维造型, 数控加工 to ensure high precision in all projects.
  • 定制的解决方案: Our equipment is tailored to meet your specific operational needs, providing you with exactly what you need for your unique challenges.
  • 全面的验证: We conduct rigorous testing and validation to ensure the reliability and performance of our equipment.
  • 缩短开发时间: Our rapid development methods significantly shorten project timelines, 使它们成为小批量或定制项目的理想选择.
  • 准确的测试数据: We use high-quality 传感器 and data acquisition systems to gather precise testing data, which we store for comprehensive analysis and further use.



We understand that operational failures can cause significant setbacks in any sector. 为了缓解这种情况, we've developed custom test rigs and functional testing equipment designed to simulate real-world conditions. This ensures every piece of equipment operates flawlessly under all scenarios. 我们先进的测试设置, 配备精确的数据采集仪器, supports the development of reliable and robust components, crucial for meeting your and your customers' quality assurance standards.



We excel at integrating fluid system components to enhance your operational efficiency and prevent potential failures. 专门从事流体机械设备, 我们考虑整个系统, designing components that integrate seamlessly to boost both performance and reliability. Our meticulous design process reduces operational risks and delivers custom, high-quality equipment tailored to meet your specific needs, 确保最佳的系统级性能.


我们的原型设计服务 & 功能

  • 原型 制造: We partner with industry leaders in advanced manufacturing to offer precision fabrication, 3 d打印技术, 数控加工, 确保准确的组件创建.
  • 组件装配: Our assembly processes are meticulously managed to guarantee that all components meet stringent design specifications.
  • 质量保证: We rigorously verify that each component conforms to both design and procurement specifications.
  • 功能测试: Our state-of-the-art testing facilities assess prototype functionality under diverse conditions to ensure robust performance.
  • 自定义 试验台设计: We design custom test rigs tailored to the specific testing needs of each prototype or production sample.
  • 数据采集系统: We integrate the latest 传感器 and data systems for precise tracking and analysis of performance data.
  • 设计验证: Our comprehensive testing procedures and validation protocols ensure that all designs perform as intended.
  • 系统级分析: We conduct detailed evaluations to confirm component compatibility and enhance overall system efficiency.



选择 数字工程 means partnering with a pre-eminent organization and leader in prototype design and development. Our expertise in fluid system equipment and advanced prototyping techniques ensures precision and reliability. This significantly reduces development time and surpasses industry standards. 我们全面的方法使我们与众不同, making us the preferred choice for innovative engineering solutions.

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我们使用各种各样的材料, 包括金属, 塑料, 和复合材料, to best match the requirements and functionality of each prototype.


Every prototype undergoes rigorous testing and verification processes to meet industry standards and ensure reliability and performance.


Our prototypes are designed to withstand real-world conditions and can be used for comprehensive field testing to ensure functionality and durability.



An overview of prototype testing: how to decide if your product is suited to prototype testing and how the testing is completed, 包括重新设计和更改的实例.


我们的团队超过9人,在北美聘用了000名专家, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, 亚洲和非洲随时准备帮助你们.