As an independent certification body, im体育APP provides a complete range of certification services to all the major management systems st和ards as well as chain of custody 和 sustainable supply chain certification, 电子, electrical 和 mechanical products certification 和 approval. 

Third-party certification provides reassurance to specifiers in the products they select 和 confidence in the ongoing competency of those manufacturing, 检查, 安装, maintaining 和 repairing the products they are responsible for.


Benefits of our certification services

Being able to demonstrate that your product is certified brings significant benefits to your business: 

  • 金融 – certification helps to optimize operations, reducing waste 和 improving efficiency 和 productivity, resulting in improvements in profitability
  • Protects your business – it contributes to protecting your business against risk 和 possible financial loss or penalties
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – it improves quality, improves customer satisfaction 和 increases sales
  • Access to new markets – certification can be vital to winning new customers 和 in some cases retaining existing customers. Increased market share – certification increases productivity 和 competitive advantage.


The im体育APP advantage

im体育APP’s market-leading 茶m of certification experts operates across the globe to provide you with UKAS, A2LA 和 RvA accredited certification 和 Notified Body services. We offer certification to most management systems st和ards (包括 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 44001, ISO 45001 和 ISO 50001), chain of custody certification of timber 和 timber-derived products, sustainable supply chain certification for 棕榈油, 大豆, cocoa 和 other products. 

We facilitate ISO IEC 17065 product certifications 和 third-party approvals to the world’s leading programs, 包括 NRTL, FCC, CCC approvals, IECEE CB scheme, IECEx equipment scheme 和 CE标志. With im体育APP, you have the expertise, experience 和 capacity to achieve global market compliance in over 165 countries.

For more information on our certification services or to speak with one of our experts, im体育APP 今天. 

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